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Absence & Holiday

We encourage regular nursery attendance to support the child’s learning and development as well as ensuring consistency in care remains. We therefore have this policy in place to help us monitor attendance.

  • If a child has not arrived for their booked session within a 1.5hrs of their start time they will be marked down as ‘Absent’. The management team will then contact the parents to find out for the reason for this absence and record their findings.

  • Room Supervisors are responsible for informing the management team of any children that have not arrived for their session.

  • At the end of each term, managers will evaluate reports to identify any concerns regarding attendance.

  • If a child’s attendance falls below 80% for the term, it will be recorded and a letter will be sent home to parents. If for two consecutive terms a child’s attendance is under 80%, the manager will request a meeting with the parents to identify reasons for this.  

Holiday allowance

  • Families are entitled to 2 weeks holiday per year, our year runs from September to August. This does not include those with term time only contracts.

  • We require 4 weeks written notice for any holiday. We ask parents to complete a ‘Holiday request form’ which they can request from the nursery manager.

  • Families will not be charged for any holiday that has been confirmed in writing by the nursery management team.


If children have pre-booked holiday or are off for a prolonged illness or operation this will be taken into consideration before we make any communication to parents regarding attendance.

Written by the Management Team


This policy was adopted on

Signed on behalf of the nursery

Date for review

January 2019


June 2021

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